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Why buy retail prices when you can get a wholesaler's price by enrolling as a 4Life distributor? As a 4Life distributor there is no selling necessary. You can still buy at our wholesale prices and just use the products for yourself or your family and friends. However if you are also thinking of making some money for yourself you can recruit new members/distributors and earn one of the highest commission ever offered by a direct selling company.

Join us now as a 4Life distributor (or as a preferred member) and get regular discounts on 4Life products including promotional offers. As a 4Life distributor you are also entitled to recruit new customers and distributors under you thereby giving you another source of income as you will earn when your downline use or sell more products!

Just download the distributor/member application form and purchase a minimum of 100LP worth of products using the product order form . Fax or email the completed forms back and you are on your way to start your very own business as a 4Life partner!


Fill in our Authorized Sponsor and Enroller's ID: 6749148

Email us your own ID once you have registered to redeem your FREE Gift/Webpage.

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