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Corporate USA Today Names 4Life Best Supplement Provider

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 18, 2018) Corporate USA Today named 4Life Research™ the 2018 Best Health and Fitness Supplement Provider in the United States. This award distinguishes 4Life among the top-ranking supplement providers in the world.

President and CEO Danny Lee: “We feel humbled by this distinction and proud of our legacy of innovation in supplementation. This distinction by Corporate USA Today underscores the efforts of our Research and Development and Quality departments and David Lisonbee’s long-standing commitment to scientific pursuits. We are proud to carry forward his emphasis on superior formulation in support of our worldwide distributors.”

The Corporate USA Today Annual Awards serve as a benchmark for distinguishing industry leaders. Winning companies consist of high-caliber organizations that provide value, exceed customer expectation, and conduct business with the highest degree of integrity.


As reported in the Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 issue, 4Life enjoyed more than 100% growth between 2009 and 2016. 4Life ranks in the top ten companies in the world with 119% growth.

The 4Life Business Plan means there is no inventory necessary for you to hold. All products are directly shipped from the company so you do not have to worry about managing inventory and stocks. You can also sell 4Life products anywhere in the world (over 80 countries and counting!) and have the products delivered from the home country of your customer. As a distributor you can also recruit new members/distributors from around the world as your downline for an unlimited income opportunity.

With 4Life you are guaranteed of a solid and reputable company to back you up all the way. Inc. 500, one of the world’s most prestigious business publications recently ranked 4Life Research (the maker of Transfer Factor) as the 15th Fastest Growing Company!

Our Business Plan Works!

The 4Life Business Plan allows you to work at your own pace with almost zero startup cost. You can keep some stock or you can even keep zero stock and let 4Life do all the delivery work for you. You can do it full time or part time as there are no targets to meet – you set your own target!

You can start your own business by registering as a 4Life distributor immediately. Once you have registered you can start earning an income from the products you bought and also when you sell the products to your clients.

4Life rewards you when you are able to register more customers and distributors below you as you will earn a percentage from the products they bought and the new customers and distributors they recruit. Once you start to build your own business empire the rewards are endless as shown in the chart below:

4Life Rewards Plan

4Life™ Compensation Plan

You will receive a 25% commission on your personal purchases upon exceeding 100LP for every month

To qualify as an Associate you need to purchase min 50LP every month. You will receive 2% commission (from your immediate downline) and 15% commission (2nd generation).

To qualify as a Leader you need to purchase min 100 LP in each calendar month, You will receive 2% (from your immediate downline), 25% (2nd generation)) and 5% (3rd generation).

For Leaders and above who generate >100 LP in a month, the first and second generation payout levels are reversed with payout of commissions beginning at the distributor’s personal level on his/her Volume over 100 LP. The distributor will receive 25 percent on his/her personal Volume in excess of 100 LP, his/her upline sponsor will receive two percent and the next upline distributor will receive five percent. The payout will continue according to the 4Life Rewards Plan until all levels of the plan are paid out.

For every new member/distributor you enrol, on the new recruit’s first product order, the first two levels of the compensation plan are reversed so that the enroller receives 15%-25% commission! The enroller’s immediate upline receives 5%. This bonus only occurs on the first order.

Power Pool

Enroll three new distributors who purchase at least 100 LP for two consecutive month, and you will be eligible to participate in the Power Pool. The 3% Power Pool represents three percent of 4Life’s overall monthly LP – up to $1000 extra!! This is an opportunity for you to earn more via profit sharing from the company’s world-wide sales through your hard work!

Incentive Trips

Each month that you qualify for the Power Pool, you receive entries in the monthly drawing for the Great Escape+ trip. You receive one entry for each new distributor who enrolls at 100 LP or more and two entries for each one who enrolls at 400 LP or more. A random drawing of all Power Pool qualifiers is held each month to determine the winners. Each distributor is eligible to win one trip per year and can bring one additional person along on the trip for no additional cost!

Distributor Benefits

As a 4Life Distributor you get some of the best benefits MLM companies has to offer:

  • No minimum monthly purchase
  • No inventory to keep (let 4Life do the storage and delivery for you)
  • Your own FREE My4Life website
  • Accept international orders and downlines!

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As a Distributor you can purchase for your own use or your friends at wholesale price. As a Leader4Life you can purchase for your own use or your friends at wholesale price. You can also recruit new members/distributors and earn a commission from their purchases.

There is no fee to be a Distributor and no minimum monthly purchase. However to be a Leader4Life you need to purchase the Compass kit (RM30) to register as a Leader4Life and then you must maintain a minimum 100LP purchase every month including your first month.

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